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Willow’s Nostalgic Cuddly Friend – The Bommerscheim Buddie {Review & Giveaway}

Does your little one have a favorite stuffed animal that they drag everywhere with them?  I remember my sister dragging around a stuffed bunny with her everywhere and oh my goodness did that thing get disgusting, but prying it away from her to wash it was practically impossible.  In the early 1960s Joan and Patsy Bommerscheim solved this dilemma by creating the Bommerscheim Buddie for their children… the only problem was they didn’t share it with the world.  In the 1980s Patsy continued making the Buddies for all of her grandchildren, but it wasn’t until this year that the Bommerscheim … …..

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Toys Available Exclusively at Toys “R” Us

I participated in this program on behalf of The Fred Rogers Company and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. There is only one show I vividly remember watching when I was a little kid and I watched it every single day at 5 o’clock while my mom made dinner – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  My favorite part of the show was always when the trolley took us to the Land of Make Believe to visit Henrietta Pussycat, Lady Elaine, King Friday, and of course Daniel Tiger.  While watching cartoons with my girls one day I was excited to see a … …..

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Add Some Fun to your Kiddos Bedtime Routine with Peppa Pig!

I received product from Peppa Pig for reviewing in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Our television seems to always be on the Nick Jr. channel because it is full of shows that all three of my kiddos enjoy watching.  One of those shows in particular is Peppa Pig.  This animated show follows the daily adventures of Peppa who lives with her brother George, Mommy Pig, and Daddy Pig in the United Kingdom where they speak with an engaging British accent.  Peppa enjoys playing games, dressing up, going on trips, and jumping in muddy puddles with every … …..

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Gift Guide: Zoobies Blanket Pet Review & Giveaway

Kids love stuffed animals… and let’s be honest – mom’s hate them.  The first one, two, maybe even three are cute and soon your house is over run by fluffy bears, bunnies, monkeys, and who knows what else and you just want to scream!  And you think what if there was a stuffed animal that actually served a purpose?  But wait!  There is!  And that is why I want to tell you about Zoobies. Zoobies was created with mom in mind.  It is so much more than a plush animal.  In fact it is 3 things – a plush animal, … …..

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Made With Love: Htavos Kooky Monster Art Shop Spotlight

The Little Monster Prize Pack Sponsor Spotlight: Htavos Kooky Monster Art Shop What monster prize pack would be complete without a cuddly soft monster for your little one to drag around?  Well then it’s a good thing I found an amazing artist who just happens to be a master at crafting kooky monsters that are not only cuddly, but also a bit mysterious…. just wait, you will see what I mean! First I want to introduce you to the awesome artist… Hello!  My name is Sovath and I am a Tacoma based artist that likes to work with fabrics as … …..

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Go Green Giveaway Event: Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods Spotlight

The first sponsor of the “Go Green Giveaway Event:  Green Baby/Toddler Prize Pack” I’d like to introduce you to is Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods.  I absolutely love this company! A bit about them:  Dandelion, earth-friendly goods, is a new division of Re-Think It, Inc., a family owned, family-focused company. In 1987, owners Craig & Amy Shumway had a vision to bring something truly different to the market. They’ve been developing new ideas and fresh creations ever since! The Shumway’s vision has culminated in 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of infant products and feeding items.  Smart parents … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: Cloud B Twilight Ladybug

We have definitely been blessed in the Harper Household with two little girls that go to sleep at night without many issues (knock on wood), but when we moved the girls upstairs I was a little concerned since they would be in a new environment that wasn’t familiar to them.  Our bedroom had been upstairs previously so they had been in the room, but not at night in the dark.  I thought something that would put a little light in their room would help ease the transition and that is where Cloud B stepped in. The Cloud B Story:  Cloud … …..

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My Little Beating Heart Review & Giveaway

If I told you there was a product that could relax a stressed out momma, soothe a fussy baby, lull a toddler to sleep would you want to know what it is?  Well  I’m not tellin’ – Nanananana!  Just kiddin’, hehe.  I don’t wanna leave you hanging any longer so this amazing product I speak of is a “My Beating Heart.” So what exactly is a “My Beating Heart“?  Glad you asked!  It is a soft huggable heart with a soothing heartbeat you can actually feel.  It’s designed to help you relax, daydream, meditate, and take delicious naps. When you … …..

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Anklebiter Review & Giveaway

 ANKLEBITER Deb Riggs created the Etsy shop “Anklebiter” from her home in El Segundo, California in February of 2006 and recently became a member of “California Crafters Club of Etsy” (CCCOE).  She creates unique hand-stitched sock critters of all kinds including monkeys, dogs, bunnies, cats, and monsters.  The monsters are exactly what drew me to wanting to feature her on “Handmade Halloween.”   Halloween doesn’t need to be all about candy and with a two year old I definitely want to limit the candy around here.  Dilly on a sugar rush is not a pretty sight… we learned this when we … …..

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