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Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Review–Get relief from all those unwanted pregnancy symptoms!

Belly Bandit is becoming a rather popular name amongst momma’s who want to lose that postpartum belly – even among celebrities!  Belly Bandit is the wrap that helps tighten and shrink your stomach and hips, but they also have some other products that are very helpful during pregnancy which is what led me to their website in the first place. Early in this pregnancy I began getting really bad sciatica pain and just did not understand why this was happening so early in my pregnancy since I did not have that much weight pressing down on my nerves yet.  That … …..

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Prenatal Water Fitness

I absolutely love swimming and just floating around in pools plus it’s a great way to exercise especially when pregnant.  Knowing that summer was quickly approaching and that I would need a maternity bathing suit I began searching all over the internet for a reasonably priced suit.  It really amazes me how much maternity clothing costs when we only wear it for a few short months – especially bathing suits and since we live in Ohio I will only be using it for about ten or so weeks before Willow arrives.  Anyhow, I finally found the one I wanted at … …..

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My Birth Wishes for Baby Girl

A while ago I shared Dilly and Sugar’s birth stories which didn’t go as I would have liked, but then I realized that this was because I didn’t have a birth plan.  Make sure you visit those stories so you know why I want this time to be much different.  I basically went along with what the doctors and hospital said because they must be right – ya not so much.  And so this time around I have decided to make a birth plan and thought it would be fun to share it with my readers.  Once Baby Girl arrives … …..

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Stress Relief During Pregnancy

I love being pregnant, really I do.  Well maybe not that first trimester that is always super mean to me.  With Dilly and Sugar it was just the typical morning sickness, but with Baby Girl it has been all that plus migraines with vomiting, a kidney infection, multiple sinus infections, and dehydration which all landed me in the emergency room.  Not fun at all.  So ya… at that point I wasn’t really loving pregnancy all that much, but I am now in the second trimester and at a point now where I feel good and am super happy and excited … …..

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Baby Harper #3–Boy or Girl???

Tomorrow is a BIG day.  In the afternoon I have an appointment at a 3d ultrasound facility and we are going to find out if Baby Harper #3 is a boy or a girl!!  And so I thought it would be fun to have a little guessing game. I am currently 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and below I have included pictures of my pregnancies with Dilly and Sugar at 15 weeks as well as what I look like now.  I know a lot of people base gender on how you carry baby so… So what do you think??  Is it … …..

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OvaCue Fertility Monitor Review

Making babies…. for some it is easier than others.  When Dustin and I got married in June of 2007 we decided right away that we wanted to start a family.  And the first month we tried Dilly was conceived.  It truly doesn’t get much easier than that!  When we decided it was time to add another bundle of joy to our family Sugar wasn’t quite as easy – it took about 6 months before we saw two pink lines.  And so when we were ready to start trying for Baby Harper #3 I told myself that I wouldn’t get discouraged … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Buddha Bellies Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: Buddha Bellies Prize:  choice of 1 sticker set Value: $7 – $8 I am a bit of a picture-a-holic…. well I am a blogger, kinda comes with the territory, hehe.  Though Dustin will tell you that I was constantly snapping pictures long before my blog every existed.  It kinda drives him crazy, ohhhhh well!  While pregnant with Dilly and Sugar I took quite a few baby bump pictures of myself, but with this being the last time I will experience pregnancy I wanted to take tons of pictures and so that is why I have been taking a … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: My Brest Friend Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: My Brest Friend Prize:  3 in 1 Body Pillow Value: $55.95 If there is one thing I learned when I was pregnant with Dilly it is that a supportive body pillow is not a luxury, but a necessity.  Through out that pregnancy I struggled with positioning five or six regular pillows around me through out the night because I didn’t want to spend the money on a body pillow.  When I became pregnant with Sugar I immediately headed out to the store and purchased a body pillow which I loved, but it took up so much bed space … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: PsiBands Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: PsiBands Prize:  1 set of bands Value: $12.99 When I was pregnant with Dilly and Sugar I had terrible morning sickness and so I assumed when I would become pregnant again that I should just expect the morning sickness again.  And unfortunately I was correct.  Literally as soon as I find out I am pregnant the nausea hits me and sticks around til the second trimester gets here.  I have figured out some tricks to help control it, but I usually always need medication from the doctor to get it completely in control.  I’m not a big fan … …..

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