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Santa’s Bringing Science and Imagination this Christmas with Little Medical School Kits

Almost half way through his second grade year, my oldest, Aiden, has definitely found his favorite subject- science.  He’s also realized that he has a natural talent for sports and loves to play and watch them all. So this Christmas, we were really excited to find out about a unique STEM toy to put under the tree that involves everything he loves into one.  We were able to try out one of the fantastic kits from Little Medical School– the My Little Sports Medicine Kit. Packaged in its unique box- a medical satchel- the My Little Sports Medicine Kit was … …..

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Imaginative “Me Time” with New MiO Playsets

Spring is finally showing up here in Indiana and the weather has been awesome for a couple days now.  My boys have had a blast playing outside after being cooped up all winter, so slowly and surely, the toys have all started to trickle outside as well. One of their favorite toys to play with not only inside, but now outside as well, has been the MiO Eating + 2 People  set I reviewed a few months ago from the Manhattan Toy Company.  Made as multiple modular sets, each one is made from wood, gender neutral, and really awesome for … …..

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Imaginative Play Rules This Christmas with MiO Play Sets {Review and Giveaway}

Every year it seems like we need to do a big toy sweep in the weeks leading up to Christmas to make room for the new toys that will brought home after holidays with the family.  While there is a place and time for the exciting new electronic toys and building sets with billions of tiny pieces, there’s a special spot in my heart for the simple, imaginative toys that have very few parts and can last for years. This holiday season, Manhattan Toy (whom we LOVE!) has created a special line of open-ended play toys for parents just like … …..

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Backyard Fun with the Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

My favorite time of year is right around the corner.  Autumn is absolutely gorgeous in Ohio with the vibrant leaves and cool breezes.  It is definitely perfect weather to spend time outside.  Willow loves playing in our backyard while her big sisters are at school.  I love that our backyard is fenced in so that I can tend to Lilah without worrying Willow will escape to the front yard.  We recently had the opportunity to try out one of Little Tikes newest playhouses which Willow was super excited about adding to the backyard toys. The first thing I did when … …..

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Creative Indoor Pirate Fun with Pacific Play Tents {Giveaway}

Every day we get a little more excited that the summer sun is getting closer and closer (literally… we celebrate a few degree increase daily!). My boys love to play outside and we’re just about done with what feels to be the everlasting winter.  Luckily, we’re not the only ones that feel this way, and we’ve found the perfect solution for the winter that seems to be straight out of Frozen (yeah, I’m a bit dramatic, but COME ON SUMMER!).  This is where Pacific Play Tents has come in just in the nick of time to save us from the … …..

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New Sprouts Lunch Basket: Educational Pretend Play from Learning Resources {Review & Giveaway}

Over here at the Hilton household its trucks, trucks and more trucks. God has blessed us with two wonderful boys but every once in a while mommy misses her childhood with her play kitchen and all of the accessories that went with it. I was excited to go back to my childhood when we were given the opportunity to review the Learning Resources New Sprouts Lunch Basket. First a bit about the company…The learning Resources Company is a global manufacturer of innovative and hands on educational products that are trusted by teachers and parents and loved by kids. They have … …..

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Step2 Kitchen & Table Set Review and Giveaway

I am a huge fan of Step2 products.  They are built to last and are sure to withstand multiple children playing with them no matter how rough and tough they are capable of being.  I know when I make a purchase from Step2 that my kiddos will get years of play and I will be a happy mom because my money was well spent.  I must say the play kitchens at Step2 are awesome.  They are incredibly lifelike, with real kitchen styling, intricate details, and contemporary extras, making Step2® Kitchens miniature versions of what mom and dad use! Dilly and … …..

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Green Toys Review

It seems in the past year or so there have been so many toy recalls due to numerous things including choking hazards and the presence of lead paint.  When handing my child a toy I do not want to be scared that they could potentially be chewing on lead paint or that a small part will become detached.  I want to be confident that I am giving my child a safe toy and better yet – one that is good for the environment too! All of those things are possible with Green Toys!  Dilly was a super lucky girl and … …..

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