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Real Kids. Real Shades. Real Kids Shades. Review & Giveaway

Spring has finally sprung and summer will be here before we know it.  With the sun shining and spending time outside the sunscreen-freak in me has arrived.  My girls know that we will not be going outside unless they are lathered in sunscreen and that there will be frequent reapplications if we are outside for any length of time.  I’m overly cautious about their skin being exposed to the sun’s rays (which is a good thing), but what about their eyes? Alleigh and Kaelyn both like to wear sunglasses because their eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight.  They have had … …..

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The Sunglass Man Online Review & Giveaway

My hubby has to have sunglasses…. for him it is an absolute necessity.  However, he tends to lose and break them quite often which means I don’t want him spending tons of money on them.  And so that is why I was pleased to find The Sunglass Man Online.  Finally lots of options and at affordable prices too – makes for a happy wife. The Sunglass Man Online was originally a walk in store located in the exclusive Siesta Key Village on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  In 1999 they made the jump to the internet where they have been … …..

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