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Bravo’s New Comedy Odd Mom Out Premieres June 8th 10/9C

I admit I’m a bit of a tv junkie.  It’s how I unwind after being mom all day.  After cleaning the house, feeding the family, changing countless diapers, folding never ending piles of laundry, settling disputes over toys, enduring way too many cartoons, and the list goes on… I totally deserve that time after the kiddos are tucked in bed to unwind.  I much prefer to watch a comedy over anything else and one that I can personally relate to is even better.  Especially one that makes me think “well it could always be worse,” hehe.  Tossing in some adult … …..

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Private Lives of Nashville Wives – Episode 2 Recap

Did you catch the second episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives Monday night on TNT at 10/9C?  I was super stoked for this episode because after being introduced to the cast in last weeks season premier I knew this week the drama would begin unfolding. Episode two followed three story lines that each tugged at different emotions.  Erika planning a girls night out.  Cassie and Gary adopting a baby.  And Sarah’s band performing at a steakhouse.  The episode opens with Erika and Cassie hanging out at the White’s home with Erika giving a little tour of her closet’s which … …..

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Private Lives of Nashville Wives – Series Premier Recap

When it comes to music my absolute favorite is country.  I love driving around belting out the lyrics to songs that have the ability to evoke so many raw emotions.  There are some songs that instantly pop a smile on my lips and others that send tears streaming down my face.  And so when I learned that a new reality television show would be premiering on TNT set right in the songwriting capital of the world – Nashville, Tennessee – which is heavily saturated with the best stars country music has to offer I was completely stoked.  Last night I … …..

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