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Never Wordless Wednesday: First Zoo Visit of 2014

We’ve hit that time of year where one day it is warm and sunny then the next it is freezing and snowing.  Today was one of those warm and sunny days and so we took the opportunity to take the girls to the Akron Zoo – I love having a zoo pass.  I was excited to see Willow’s reactions to the animals since last year she was still rather little and could have cared less, hehe.  She loved pointing at all the animals and since it was such a nice day most of them were really active.  There’s nothing more … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Willow & Ezra

When visiting the blog you see lots of pictures of Willow and lots of pictures of Ezra – my blog contributor Sunny’s youngest son.  But what you don’t see is pictures of Willow and Ezra together.  The reason for that is simple… we live in different states and don’t get to hang out in real life.  But this past weekend was different.  It was MommyCon weekend in Chicago which meant Sunny and I got to hang out and Willow and Ezra got to hang out too.  Don’t worry there will be a much more detailed post about MommyCon coming soon … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Alleigh’s 100th Day of School

Sometimes I look at Alleigh and just can’t believe I have a daughter that is five years old.  That will be six years old in just two short months.  Kindergarten got off to a rough start for her just because she wasn’t used to being away from mom for that long.  She attended pre-k, but that was only three days a week for about three hours a day – not everyday, all day.  But soon she came to love going to school and her teacher.  She is doing so well and excelling in absolutely everything.  I am so proud of … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: The Evil Snowman

The temperature actually got above freezing today!  We celebrated by taking the girls out to go sled riding and build a snowman in the backyard before the snow melts.  Willow Jean hung out in the Boba carrier all snug in warm in my new Boba hoodie.  And then Alleigh got mad that we made an “evil” snowman…. we just used what we had on hand – tiles that had broken off of the fire pit.  Oh well. Have you played in the snow this year?  What’s your favorite thing to do?         

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{Never} Wordless Wednesday: OshKosh B’gosh Bloopers

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on the adorable OshKosh B’gosh spring line.  I seriously love love love the nautical inspired pieces and all of the coral and navy blue stripes.  Alleigh, Kaelyn, and Willow all need some more of it!  Today’s {Never} Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to our little photo shoot to capture all of those adorable outfits.  We had more bloopers than anything else.  And so if you are in need of a good laugh all you need to do is press play below, hehe. Sometimes the bloopers make for the best pictures… and definitely the best memories.

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Never Wordless Wednesday & Some Blog Updates!

I haven’t posted a Wordless Wednesday in a few weeks… and though this picture is a couple months old I just had to share it with everyone.  We had taken the girls to the bowling alley and Kaelyn discovered the blower.  She was shaking her head above it and saying she was eating the air.  It was pretty much hysterical…. oh and that leopard print bowling ball, yup that’s mine! I also wanted to mention the lack of posts lately has been because I have been a little consumed with tweaking my blog layout…. I like to do everything myself … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Rainbow Loom

For Christmas Alleigh asked Santa for a Rainbow Loom Bracelet Maker.  Of course he came through and brought her exactly what she asked for plus lots of different colored bands.  Now any parent knows that one of the cool things about having kids is that you get to be a kid again too by playing with all their fun toys, hehe.  And so when Alleigh is at school or sleeping I tend to grab her Rainbow Loom supplies and make fun creations by following along with Youtube tutorials.  I’ve made some pretty interesting bracelets and charms… check it out. Have … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Story Time with Pappy

This year we decided to do a book advent calendar.  Every evening before bed the girls have taken turns unwrapping a new book and listening to mom or dad read.  Some of them have been rather funny like… Throughout the book the curious mouse peeks in his friends diapers only to find lots and lots of poop.  In fact you can lift the flap and see just what that poop looks like, hehe.  At the end his friends ask mouse to show them his diaper and they find it is empty.  He explains that he uses the potty and they … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Seasons Change

I might have a slight obsession with trees….. especially in the fall.  I love watching them change colors and then get a bit sad when all the leaves fall off.  This particular tree is in a yard along the parent drop off / pickup line at Alleigh’s elementary school.  Over the past two weeks this is what happened. Fall is my favorite season by far and I hate that it is always the shortest.   

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Alleigh’s 1st Kindergarten Field Trip

Last Thursday I got to go on Alleigh’s first kindergarten field trip with her as one of the chaperones.  We went to a local pumpkin farm where the kiddos learned about how pumpkins grow, got to pick a pumpkin, took a hayride, fed farm animals, played in a corn bin, got their faces painted, and lots more.  I was responsible for five kindergarteners that day – 3 girls and 2 boys.  Let me just say I have so much more respect for elementary school teachers after that day.  I was seriously whipped when I came home.  I felt like I … …..

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