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Discover Hartville, Ohio: Beginnings Salon & Day Spa

All across the United States there are little towns that can only be described as little gems scattered amongst ordinary gray stones.  The town that fits this description in our neck of the woods is Hartville, Ohio.  Hartville is surrounded by farms and rural greenery, but also has plenty of major businesses, small town shops, and restaurants which draw thousands of weekend visitors.  Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a couple Hartville businesses and I am so excited to share more about them here. As a stay at home mom to three little girls who also runs … …..

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The Spa at Castaway Bay

A few days ago I wrote all about our stay at Castaway Bay (Cedar Point’s Indoor Water Park & Resort) and how much fun we had at the water park.  What I didn’t tell you was that this pregger mama got to be pampered at the “Spa at Castaway Bay” and oh my gosh it was absolutely wonderful.  After a rough night since Sugar doesn’t like sleeping anywhere but her own crib at home I woke up… or was I already awake?  Well anyhow, I realized that I was going to enjoy a relaxing few hours at the spa without … …..

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