Hello Kitty Valentine Mail Box Tutorial

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Some days I still can’t believe that my baby is a kindergartener.  But instead of wishing she was still a baby I am embracing all of the new activities we get to do together like preparing for her Valentine’s Day party at school.  When I asked what she would like her mail box to look like it definitely wasn’t a surprise when she told me Hello Kitty.  Together we whipped up an adorable box for her to take to school and I am going to share just how simple it was to make with you.

Hello Kitty Valentine Mail Box

1 box (preferably white)
red, black, yellow, & pink construction paper
glue & scissors

As a blogger I have a rather large cardboard box grave yard in my basement and so I went in search of a white box to use as Hello Kitty’s head.  If you don’t have access to lots of boxes you might be able to find a white box at Office Max or Staples.  You could also use a brown box and spray paint it white or cover it in white paper.

The first step is to cut triangle shapes on the top edge of the box and fold them up to create ears.  This will leave two triangle shaped holes in the top of the box.  You will also cut a rectangle slot in the top of the box for the Valentine’s to be slid through.

Hello Kitty Box Top

You will want to cover up the triangle shaped holes so we glued a piece of pink construction paper to the top, but make sure to cut the rectangle slot into the construction paper as well.

Hello Kitty Valentine Mail Box Top

Next cut two eyes and six whiskers out of the black construction paper.  An oval yellow nose from the yellow construction paper.  A bow from the red construction paper.  And lots of hearts from the red and pink construction paper.  Since these were all simple shapes I cut them out free hand and then had Alleigh use a glue stick to apply all of the pieces to the box.

Hello Kitty Valentine Box Side

Ta-da!  Super simple Hello Kitty Valentine Mail Box that made my five year old happy as can be.  If you are still in need of valentine’s for your littles to pass out to their friends be sure to check out our bubble & bouncy ball free printables!

Did your little one make a Valentine mail box this year?  What was their theme?

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11 Responses to Hello Kitty Valentine Mail Box Tutorial

  1. joanna garcia says:

    My girls LOVE Hello Kitty! This is so cute! I will have her do this with me when she comes home from school she will love it!

  2. Teresa Honores says:

    What a great craft idea to do with the kids! They are obsessed with Hello Kitty. Thank you for this craft!

  3. tiffany schmidt says:

    We did one similar to this as well! However, then after we were finished, my preschooler said she wanted to make one herself (sigh) So we covered a shoebox in white paper and let her go at it. She took her masterpiece to school. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I love doing craft projects with my boys. My oldest used the same box we made last year, a race car. My youngest was up in the air on what he wanted and we narrowed it down to a shark box with bloody teeth and a Minion. Since he’s only in 2nd grade we decided it best to go with the Minion. He was so excited to carry it into school today. One of the coolest parts was the canning jar ring and elastic band I used for the glasses!

  5. Amy Li says:

    Too cute! My daughter was too young for Valentine’s Day this year, but I look forward to doing it up next year!

  6. Jennifer (robbins) A. says:

    Aw. Very cute! What a lovely idea for a child’s Valentine’s Day mailbox! It looks really easy to make as well, and I love the diagram you made (very straightforward & easy to follow). Thank you for sharing! : )

  7. Amanda says:

    Very cute! and looks easy enough for the non crafters to pull off!

  8. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Such a great idea. My granddaughter is four years old and loves Hello Kitty. Might try this with her

  9. tanya holland says:

    This is such a cute idea. My girls love doing crafts.

  10. nicole dz says:

    This is so cute, going to make this with my niece who loves her Hello Kitty.

  11. Kacie Zajic says:

    We’re going to try this valentine’s box out for my 7 year old daughter! Also, I am in the early process of starting a blog and love the format & theme of yours! Nice work!

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